EGCF will only consider proposals that pertain to our core program area of Education and Literacy. We are committed to respect those seeking grants by demonstrating responsiveness and objectivity in assessing how their grant requests meet EGCF mission goals. EGCF awards limited grants in the $1,000 to $15,000 range to U.S. based organizations running projects domestically and internationally, with a current focus on developing world countries. Because of our size, we carefully scrutinize applications and make only a select number of targeted grants annually.

Ideally, when projects are successful and where reporting from the recipient is complete, we will look to build an ongoing relationship around multi-year projects with proven track records.


Based on the number of letters of intent received, EGCF will not review proposals outside of its core program area of Education and Literacy. EGCF follows a two-stage application process - letter of inquiry, and full proposal. Because of the amount of time it takes for an applicant to develop a full grant proposal, applicants are asked to send full proposals only when requested by the Foundation. The first step for interested applicants, then, is sending EGCF a letter of inquiry. Online submissions are preferred to regular mail. If submitting online, the letter must be received through the Contact portal on the Contact Us page on this website. Letters will not be reviewed that are not received through that portal.


Once you have determined that there is a match between your request and the Foundation's mission and goals, you may submit a Letter of Inquiry. The purpose of the Letter of Inquiry is to determine if an organization and its project fit within EGCF's guidelines before the applicant expends resources to develop a full proposal. A Letter of Inquiry should be submitted on the organization's letterhead and should include the following:

After submitting your online Letter of Inquiry we will contact you within 60 days with an initial decision. If the project falls within the interests of the foundation, the applicant will be asked to follow up with a full proposal. A full proposal should contain the following:


Nonprofit organizations must have a valid tax exemption status under Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code and not as a "private foundation" under Section 509(a)(1), (2), or (3).


There are no formal deadlines to apply for funding. EGCF currently accepts applications on an ongoing basis. However, grants are generally approved two times per year: in May and October.