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Foundations Partner to Sponsor Mali School Project
February 9, 2009 - Education and Literacy

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EGCF is pleased to announce a partnership with The Steiner Foundation of Utah that will result in a new school construction project in Mali, West Africa, this summer.  The combined grant between the two foundations will go to BuildOn, a U.S. based non-profit with overseas programs in Haiti, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Nicaragua and Senegal.  While EGCF's resources can't always provide enough of the capital to fully fund innovative project grants, partnerships among foundations, including grant aggregation, is a promising approach that can leverage funds to help successful grantees with programs that are proven effective.  EGCF is committed to exploring and advancing more funding partnerships to benefit grant recipients and advance successful projects.  EGCF thanks The Steiner Foundation for its interest and commitment to the area of education in developing countries.  

BuildOn's School Construction Program has overseen the building of 295 schools in developing countries around the world.  BuildOn also helps provide increased access to education for both girls and women, which is an important criteria for the Millennium Development Goals and EGCF. School construction projects ensure a community commitment to sending an equal number of girls as boys, and during construction, daily volunteers are comprised of at least 50% women.  BuildOn has 58 schools planned for 2009. To learn more about BuildOn, visit

Please check back for updates on this project soon.