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Final Update on the Senegal School Construction Project
August 10, 2008 - Education and Literacy

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As a final update on the Senegal School construction project (see June 16th article), EGCF is pleased to report that the school in Diokal was completed in just 28 days instead of the projected 60 days (pictured below, courtesy BwB). This occurred because of the strong leadership provided by Building with Books (BwB) and most importantly by the engaged volunteers within the village.
 Volunteers began with building a shed to house the brick as they dried. Women from the village carried water to the work site to make the bricks. Bricks were made by hand while another volunteer group dug trenches for the foundation.  Approximately 25 volunteers from the village worked on the construction site each day for 11 hours. This level of dedication made the completion timeline much shorter, enabling children to have access to the facility sooner. Community members of Diokal noted,  that having a school opens many new opportunities to the community and most importantly to the children.  The school will allow the children and the teachers to work in adequate conditions and it will give a sense of pride to the students and community. This school will allow for 35 children in Diokal to gain access to a primary education.

EGCF is honored to have joined with BwB to support this project.  To learn more about how you can support the critical work of BwB, or the Millennium Promise Project, please visit, or please contact us at