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New Nicaraguan School Construction Complete
January 9, 2008 - Education and Literacy

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In July, EGCF partner Building with Books (BwB) brought high school students from California to Nicaragua to work with community members in the village of Las Bonansas to constuct a new community school.  Over the course of the project, the community contributed over 500 volunteer days, which was key to finishing the project two weeks ahead of schedule. The different teams of community volunteers, which would have normally switched off workdays, volunteered every day to push along progress of the project. 

The original school had a leaky tarp roof and mud floors, and no walls around the educational space.  (below, left).  Many of the children in Las Bonansas had to walk one hour to attend classes in another town because the school was so inadequate. The new and significantly larger facility (below, right) allows the children to concentrate their efforts on their schoolwork and the teachers to focus on teaching rather than being distracted by leaks and the unsanitary conditions of the previous space.   At the opening ceremony, one local attendee commented on the impact of this project noting that not so long ago, there was no school in Las Bonansas and children simply did not attend. 

EGCF is pleased to be able to partner with BwB for its second construction project starting this Spring. Please check back for updates. BwB engages American youth through in-class and after-school programs in 108 high schools. Students also volunteer in their local communities and help build schools in developing countries. BwB has built 230 schools in villages worldwide, providing more than 100,000 children and parents with access to education.  For more on BwB please visit their website at . ( Photo credits: BwB)