UPDATE: Maria Mitchell Association - Discovery Camp Scholarship Program
July 1, 2013 - Education and Literacy

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As an update to the Discovery Camp scholarship program, EGCF is pleased to continue its partnership with the Maria Mitchell Association offering Nantucket residents an opportunity to assist low income families with the cost of attending the summer Discovery program. "Learning by doing" is the philosophy as well as the mission of the children's Discovery Program. Students visit local environments including wetlands, marine habitats, grasslands and forest ecosystems giving them opportunities to investigate, explore and experience the wonders of Nantucket's diverse ecosystems.

This year's grant from the EGCF Scholarship Program allowed 21 students to participate in the Scholarship Program. These students ranged in ages from 4 - 15 years old. Female participants comprised approximately 40% of the scholarship recipients which is an important success as both EGCF and MMA greatly value the role of promoting women in science. Only 4 students were repeat participants from 2012 showing that MMA was able to hit a new demographic and offer this opportunity to a new population.

EGCF and MMA share a mission and vision to advance the well-being of underserved children and to strengthen both educational access and the quality of resources at various ages of development. For more on MMA, please visit their website at www.mariamitchell.org.