UPDATE: Mali School Construction Complete
February 10, 2010 - Education and Literacy

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As a final update on the Southern Mali School construction project with the organization, BuildOn, (see 2009 article), EGCF is pleased to report that the school in the village of N'Gola in southern Mali is complete. The only schoolhouse in this village of 560 people was a mud-brick building that meant that class attendances were low, with classes often rained out or cancelled during the rainy season. The building inadequately served grades 1,4 and 6 among 56 children. Construction of the new building began in late June and the structure was completed 6 days ahead of schedule with an official completion date of October 28th. Community members contributed a total of almost 3500 volunteer work days from digging the foundation to the final coat of paint. (pictures below courtesy BuildOn)

The school meets balanced gender requirements with 52% of students being girls. Enrollment is expected to increase this coming fall as the recruitment process gets underway. The new school will allow the community to expand to grades 1-6 with additional classroom space. Moreover, the school leverages broader school enrollment, new Adult Education programs per BuildOn's methodology, and as with any new school project it can empower the children and the teachers while bringing a sense of elevated priority to education within the village. The Mali government is also providing new books and teachers to the school.

BuildOn's School Construction Program has overseen the building of 332 schools in developing countries around the world. BuildOn also helps provide increased access to education for both girls and women, which is an important criteria for the Millennium Development Goals and EGCF. To learn more about BuildOn, visit www.buildon.org.